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JMP New Year’s Speech of 2010

We ring in the New Year and out the old year as bells strike to mark the coming of Chinese bull year, on behalf of its all people, JMP would like to extend its warmest greetings and thankfulness to its old and new customers and friends and wish all a lucky and fulfilled bull year. Last year was a hard-working year and a remarkable year in terms of JMP’s development which witnessed challenges and tests for JMP and we repaid by growing ever-stronger and reaching greater excellence in accomplishing a full year’s task. We would also like to express our gratitude for concerns and support from all levels of local governors and leaders and mutual trust and goals of business partners from all around, which all together constituted a great attribute to our great working enthusiasm, industriousness and effectiveness professionally. JMP’s people are convinced that as far as they think like one mind and give their best, they would bring the record of JMP to a new high!

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